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Arbori Postcard Prints and Vinyl Stickers by emilySculpts Arbori Postcard Prints and Vinyl Stickers by emilySculpts

New Stuff in the Shop!

Acer (Maple) Arbori have been Restocked!  I only have a few up  right now as I am also prepping for Designer*Con and some of my stock needs to stay on reserve for that.  I am going to continue restocking as much as I can throughout the holiday season, but there’s only so many I can make.  Snag them when you see them as this is my most popular model.

Arbori logo stickers are hot off the press and now available in the shop.  I have large 4″ vinyl stickers as well as 3-packs of 2″ stickers.  A free 2″ sticker comes with every Arbori order.

Arbori postcard prints are also new to the shop and available in 4 different designs.  They are high quality prints on 4x6″ card stock.  Available as singles or as a 4-pack.


Want to learn how to sculpt like I do?

Fantasy Creatures in Clay by emilySculpts  Online Class : Sculpting Creatures and Critters by emilySculpts  :iconcreaturesculptartist:

The Book : Fantasy Creatures in Clay

The Class : Sculpting Creatures and Critters

The Group : Creature Sculpt Artist


Interested in a Commission?  Please check my journal for current status.


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