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King Candy Cybug by emilySculpts King Candy Cybug by emilySculpts
Please note, this piece was a commission and is not for sale.  While I do take commissions (see below), I do not remake pieces that I have already made.  Thank you for your understanding.

About : I can’t believe this is finally done! This is definitely one of the stranger pieces I worked on, but I am really happy with the results! Sanding down all those little parts was pretty insane, but worth it in the end. The vanish brought this guy to life! The wings are semi translucent and shimmery. There is a matching shimmer on the tail wisps and the the candy neck/tie.

Materials : 70% Super Sculpey & Sculpey Firm, 20% Apoxie Sculpt, 10% Premo!, Wire and Foil Armature, Acrylic Paints, Wood Base

Dimensions : 9" tall, 10" long, 8x10" base

Time Taken :  38 hours

check out my client's (Ninpin) awesome concept drawings that allowed me to get this piece so accurate :

King Candy Cy-Bug by Ninpin


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