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Assuming you are interested in learning from me, what topic would you MOST be interested in seeing in future books and/or classes? 

182 deviants said Sculpting for Molding and Casting
73 deviants said Facial Features and Expressions
66 deviants said Human and Biped Anatomy
62 deviants said Advanced Armatures and Posing
61 deviants said Clothing, Props, and Accessories
61 deviants said Advanced Painting Techniques
26 deviants said Sculpting with Other Media (Apoxie Sculpt, Wax, Etc.)
15 deviants said Complex Environments
11 deviants said Sculpture Photography
6 deviants said Other Topic (please comment)


I still have a few spots remaining in my current round of commissions.  This is going to be my final round of 2014.  My next opening won't be until January 2015.  If you were looking for a sculpture gift for the holidays, now is your time!  

To read about how to apply for a commission slot and to read my full policy, please head over to my website for all the details.

PLEASE do not submit commission inquiries through deviantArt.  I do not accept points as payment for commissions.


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 emilySculpts @  Tumblr       Facebook  emilySculpts @ Facebook

Twitter  emilySculpts @ Twitter    The Forest Emperor Tumblr

Prints and More  EmilySculpts @ Society6     Sculpture Shop EmilySculpts  @ Etsy


Materials and Tools

Please read the description of any piece to see what materials I used for its construction.

My maquettes are constructed using Super Sculpey and Sculpey Firm.  Some of my maquettes as well as my larger sculptures are made using Aves Apoxie Sculpt and/or Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam.    I also work with Monster Clay and create molds/casts from these sculpts.

My armatures consist of household aluminum foil, as well as aluminum armature wire.  I paint with Delta Ceramcoat craft acrylic paints, using both an airbrush (for larger pieces) and hand brushes.

I buy my wood bases at Jo-Ann, Michael's, and AC Moore.  They are available at most local craft stores in the US.  I am not familiar with where you can purchase them internationally, but factory direct craft sells wood bases and ships internationally.

For Supply Purchase, Try....

Concerning Sales

If a piece is for sale in my gallery, it will state so in the description.  If it does not mention being for sale, it was either a custom piece created for someone else or it has already been sold (or I am just not selling it!)  Please do not ask me to remake any pieces in my gallery; not only is this boring for me to do, it defeats much of the purpose of owning an original.  I do not mind sculpting the same character again, but it needs to be in a fresh light.

Check out the for sale section in my gallery to see a selection of works currently available for purchase.

A Note About Questions

I will no longer be responding to material related questions that can be answered with a simple Google search or that I have answered on this page.  I am not doing this to be mean.  I get a LOT of questions that I simply do not have the time to respond to.

If you have a questions about technique, PLEASE check my tutorials in my gallery to see that it isn't answered there first.  I put a lot of time and effort into those and they explain a majority of what I do.  

Group Requests

While I appreciate the motion,  I do not accept requests to unthemed groups or groups with themes that are irrelevant to the particular sculpture.  Please don't take it personally if I decline your group invitation.  I welcome themed group invitations, regardless of quality control.


Yes, I have comments turned off.  It is for a number of reasons, but mainly because I don't have the time to manage them.  If you really want to comment on a specific piece, feel free to send me a note or comment on the gallery page.


All sculpture photos are taken by my Husband, Joe Coleman :iconphantom42:


Emily Coleman
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I am a sculptor based out of the DC Metro Area. I love creatures, animals, and cartoons, which is reflected in my work. I also have a love for wildlife and nature



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KrystalAnne Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
If anyones thinking about getting the book.... GET IT! Its so amazing and you will cry for a year if you miss out! Well Done Emily! finally A book i can understand!!!
emilySculpts Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Professional Traditional Artist
wow, thank you SO much!  i am so glad you like it :D
KrystalAnne Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Your welcome :) im going to order some of the clay you suggested. I can't wait to make something! Using the little tips, like claw and horn pre cooking.. I love sitting down and reading it! Well done!
JadeRavenwing Featured By Owner 4 days ago
So I've been thinking about joining your skill share class.

However, I already have your Creature Sculpt book, so I'm a little concerned that there would be no point to both spending money on the book and your class. Thje book has been immensely helpful though (but it has been impossible to find any apoxie in my town so my first sculpture with it is at a standstill D: Everyone thinks 'epoxie' when I say it.).

Are the class and book supposed to be taken together? Or just one or the other?
emilySculpts Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Well, I guess it just depends on what you would be looking to get out of it.  My class takes you through the same process that the book does, but you have the added benefit of seeing everything in video format.  You also get the forum where you can share with other students and get help/critique.  

I have several students that have my book already and seem to be getting a lot out of the class.  I personally think the book and class make a great pairing.  But if you are looking for all new subject matter and that's it, you may not necessarily need the class.  Again, it just depends on how you learn and what you are looking for.  Thanks for your interest either way!
JadeRavenwing Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hmmn. Alright. I will definitely think about it. Is there any sort of time limit on how long the class will be available?

I wouldn't be so hesitant if it weren't for the fact that paying for the class would use all of my "fun" money for this paycheck. xD
emilySculpts Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
The 50% off discount I have currently running is only valid through the end of the month.  Also, out of nowhere, Skillshare is removing the option to directly buy a class after September 20th; you will have to be a member to take the class after that date.  However, I am currently researching other options and will have the class available on another site for purchase after Skillshare goes members only.

I plan to make the class available in some format so long as I am around and teaching!
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mute-owl Featured By Owner Edited Aug 8, 2014
Your work is simply stunning!  I purchased your guide for sculpting, and I wanted to say it's probably the best guide for any medium I've ever seen in my whole life.  I'm having a blast reading it and I'm learning so much.  I can't wait to start my first real sculpture!  Obviously, I did it passively before, but nothing turned out exceedingly well, since I didn't do any sort of armature stuff or fancy detailing, and things always broke.  Wasn't very fun.  This is gonna rock to use this beautiful guide to inspire me to try another form of art. :'D

Also, I haven't gotten through the whole guide yet, but I notice you don't do many sculptures with open mouths.  There's a few, but I was wondering if the guide talks about it?  I figure it does at some point, it's a very thorough guide, but if not, is there any sort of guidelines that should be kept in mind?  The character I wish to sculpt has a very long tongue, so I'm assuming I would use small wire to hold it up that I attack to the armature, but I'm not sure.
emilySculpts Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
wow, thank you so much!  so glad to hear you are getting so much out of the book.

i don't go over open mouths in creature sculpt, no.  i am hoping to include that in my next book when i get around to writing it.  i only had so much space in this book!

a wire in a long tongue would definitely help with support!
mute-owl Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
oh okay!  i'll definitely be purchasing that one whenever the time comes as well!  i'm so excited to learn more~

thank you very much for your help and your reply :'D
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